Meetings & Events

Having hosted many key international government summits, closed room talks, and luxury product launches, our venue spaces, equipment, service and enthusiasm in delivering world-class conferencing is unsurpassed.

With State-of-the-art video conferring equipment, simultaneous language translation services and equipment, high-level security options including VIP parking access to private boardrooms, innovative partner programs, conferencing at Imperial Springs is of the highest standard.

Our Meeting facilities have the pedigree of the world’s top corporate meeting venues; it is as naturally magnificent as Camp David, as esteemed as Davos and as prestigious as Lausanne. Designed in accordance with the classical architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, our facilities want for nothing, designed specifically to meet every need of companies hosting high-level exchanges with their foreign counterparts, showcasing their brands and potential.

If you’re looking for a place to impress – look no further.

Imperial Auditorium

972 square meters, accommodating up to 450 guests, Simultaneous interpretation system (eight languages, International videoconference equipment, State-of-the-art wireless remote room control system


Imperial Hall

231 square meters, accommodating up to 20 guests, Exclusive VIP access to the parking level, State-of-the-art security system

Phoenix Ballroom

Phoenix Ballroom 882 square meters, accommodating up to 500 guests, 63 square meter stage with elevation and a 360-degree rotating centre, Simultaneous interpretation system (eight languages), International videoconference equipment, State-of-the-art wireless remote room control system, the gold standard in audio and video, and professional lighting system

Executive Boardrooms

4 boardrooms ranging in size from 96 to 116 square meters, with a capacity for 18 to 20 guests, World-class wireless conferencing system, advanced mobile office support.
Phoenix Ⅰ – 116㎡
Phoenix Ⅱ – 110㎡
Phoenix Ⅲ – 110㎡
Phoenix Ⅴ – 96㎡