About Imperial Springs

Covering an area of 2.8 million sqm., Imperial Springs lies in the heart of Conghua Liuxi River Ecological Reserve, Guangzhou, China.

Nested in rolling mountains and picturesque valleys, the Tang-dynasty-inspired architecture is known as “Scenic Miracle of the Highest Standards in China”.

Graced by over 200 former heads-of-state from over 80 countries, who marveled at “the best modern manor in China”.

With investment of RMB 8 billion, it features international forum, hotel, golf, health management, museum, and hot-spring villas.

A place that inspires pride for nature, for culture, for life and for China, it must be seen to be believed.

The Resort

Crafted by WATG, world’s top hotel design firm, Imperial Springs offers 90 elegant suites, 37 well-appointed garden villas, and the Presidential Villa, with unique oriental style and ultra-modern butler service, providing ultimate privacy and comfort as one of the finest resorts in the world.

A team of 800 service staff, trained by the International Butler Academy of France, provides meticulous service around the clock. Enjoy an exclusive and magical vacation here with our professional security team and presidential security facilities.