Imperial Springs Residence

Corporate Villas

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful surroundings. Imperial Springs Residences are built in the heart of Conghua Hot Spring Valley, in the foothills of the scenic Phoenix Mountains. The Chinese royal-garden inspired architecture brings breathtaking natural beauty into the contemporary design.

If you desire to be a manor owner, the limited-edition Imperial Springs Residences are highly collectible architectural masterpieces. Only a little more than 100 are available. Every villa is built by the mountain, blending Chinese architectural touches with western design philosophy. Infinitely close to nature – ultra-low plot ratio of 0.2 with oasis-inspired wall-less landscaping, each villa comes with 8-10 courtyards and long-spanning face-width of 15-30 meters, quickly known as “the most beautiful villas ever” after launch. Rare radon-rich hot spring is introduced into each villa, and separate access routes are planned for owners, service staff, and vehicles to ensure privacy. Your most valued friends and beloved family deserve the utmost courtesy of a great manor.